Blog about metastatic breast cancer

Lisa Bonchek Adams

I stumbled upon this blog where Lisa Bonchek Adams writes about her life dealing with metastatic breast cancer. What can one write about a woman that has young children, a husband and the fact that the cancer has taken over her life. Lisa isn’t able to live anymore the way she planned for herself, the cancer has unfortunately taken over that autonomous position, steering the wheel into a different course.

For a number of reasons I like reading her blog, learning from her, understanding waste from essential things. I started following just recently and I haven’t grasped her spiritual levels yet, what her perception is whether life has a beginning and an end, i.e. there’s you and the rest of the world and by definition separating yourself, marking the outlines. Or that life (all lifeforms) doesn’t have a beginning and end, rather it always is and always will be there, only transitioning from one form to another, no outlines, but all humans, flora and fauna, materials and things are one. I hear some people say … he’s lost it, but let me elaborate a little farther.

What does life entail? I’ll restrict myself to being concise. One can (subconsciously) live their life adhering to a materialistic approach, demoting or denouncing all spiritual ideas. The beginning and end model, live your life and try to have fun. The other model which I’ll call for now the spiritual model, can integrate religion but isn’t necessary. For example a humanist is more of a hybrid model, kind of in between whereas the materialistic and the spiritual models are back to back.

I follow among reading other blogs, books or podcasts Lisa’s blog because I want to find out (if ever possible) which ‘camp’ derives more self worth, satisfaction, self-esteem and happiness out of their so called ‘model.’ Since it isn’t possible to feel what another person feels, even words (language) are by definition lacking true definition, data can be severely falsely interpreted because of a plethora of things, the level of abstract thinking is at play here. So someone sends out a message with the tools they’re endowed with (perception) and the person receiving the data with their own set of tools. Here we touch the nexus of misinterpretation for all kinds of reasons.

Anyway, today I read Lisa’s blog again and also one of her older posts about the stupid things people say to those with cancer and their families and it’s very insightful. Anyone who is interested now .. meaning before they might be struck with a disease that has the potential of veering their life without control over it .. and living your life with a greater understanding of what’s important and what’t not, her blog is emitting that openness, it’s for the reader to recognize it.


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